Monday, September 25, 2017

Milo's Mischief Uh Oh, there seems to have been an accident...

Uh Oh, there seems to have been an accident. Milo has been enjoying his toys in a very destructive way since his own unfortunate Accident. He is 5-6 weeks into a 4 month recovery, and tired of being good.

VERY tired...

 Milo here to explain
"sorry about the toys, but I am doing my best to not run, jump and play, so something has to go. 
This dinosaur bought the farm one night. So did the monkey that squeals. 
I won't discuss my bed... Mama seems to get upset and take a needle and thread to it a lot.
those two arms were toooooo tempting and easy to rip
Lucky for them, Mama is an expert repair artist!
She took to her sewing machine...

 How are you, buddy?
 Doing okay?
I mean he had NO anesthsia ! 

Hooray! Mama fixed them both! The monkey is squealing about his "big amputation and reattachment" and the dinosaur is coping with a new seam line but it all seems to be okay again! 

Time to tear them limb from limb... gotta go! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Beautiful Native Girl

Beautiful Native girl  15" X 18"
In the midst of all the decisions and actions required in moving from home to home, state to state, I sewed one afternoon this week and finished the little flamingo scrap piece. Once I chose borders it didn't take long.
My friend Maria suggested orange, so I used the orange feather fabric I mentioned on my I Like post Thursday.

I wish I'd made it larger now, but what it did was add a hint of highlight, and subtly change the tone of the piece...

lesson learned!
Pretty as is! Then I decided to add a lovely intense bubbly pink by moda and quilt it with sparkly mylar thread
As usual I quilted with a combination of walking foot echo straight line, and free motion.

These are quality mylar threads, and easy to use with a size 90 metallica needle.

This is the back, straight out of the scrap bins like the other fabrics, except for the borders.

Even the binding had to be pieced from two different green fabrics

I didn't do a miter binding, I bound top and bottom with one green, sides another green and butted the ends .

I often do this on art quilts

Of course there was a decision about which color to use for binding and I auditioned some choices...

finally settling on the green, thanks Joanne! She hinted that she didn't see my usual neutral lime anywhere... lol!

The rick rack I seemed intent on using somewhere, went between the pink and orange.

It repeated the wavery quilting lines of the sunset heat, and brought back the colors in the original stamp fabric.

If you remember, my friend Deb Gabel gave it to me when I asked, as she was throwing it away. The tiny pinwheels were cut offs from another project.

So the whole piece came from little throwaway pieces of fabric... I love that!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Like Thursday #55

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

This picture is the underside of the chandelier in the Illinois Old State House  where Abraham Lincoln was a member of the house of Representatives. He gave his first anti slavery speech here. More about that in some travel posts to come. I liked walking on the same floors he did. I liked the hostess of the building. I love history.

I Like America's got Talent this season!
Image result for america's got talent
If you only watch once, find the one from Tuesday night's final competition. Each person is unique and so very talented whether they do comedy, sing, work with their dogs, do circus acts, dance, or some other amazing talent. For the first time I think any one of them could win and it would be fair.

I like my friend Diane in Texas. Waiting for my return from the long CO trip, was a package in the mail. Choc-a-block full of poodle fabrics!

She has two poodles now but has had many poodles share her life over the years.

 She is also a dog trainer and quilter. And used to live in the MD area. I like our growing friendship!!! Thank you for being so thoughtful Diane! She even remembered I held a bolt of some Kaffe Fasset fabric so she sent some of that!

I like that Dancing with the Stars is back. Love the dancers this time!!!
Image result for dancing with the stars hamilton star
And Project Runway. I love all the challenges and watching creative people making fabulous designs in a day! I imagine the excitement of being involved in the competition, and often wish we had a quilting show like that.

I liked coming home and knowing Milo could bark himself silly and no hotel would kick us out. Of course he doesn't bark much here. Only when he tries to get his point across and we are too dense.

I liked going through boxes in the basement and finding my adoption hospital record! My first year's medical notes written by my adoptive mother, weight, length, shots. I liked seeing the third grade report card...
LeeAnna is a good worker, so interested in learning, really good reader and able to take dictation in cursive writing. I loved my third grade teacher.

I like this vintage orange fabric that is flamingo feathers to me. I'm using it in a piece.

I like this pattern for poodle sweaters.

 I made Cole many of them ( I make it a bit longer) and just finished this one for Milo for Colorado's cold.

 I won't be able to get it over the brace, but when that's done,  He'll be looking smart in this kokopeli print.

I love this sparkle water flavor clementine,  from Trader Joes,
And this new Brianna's salad dressing, Cilantro-lime... yum!!
And these fig bars are healthy, packaged two together so you don't just eat the whole package.
(not that I'd EVER do that...)
Milo likes being home. He has taken to barking at us for anything he wants, in the same loud voice, same intensity. He's so loud and persistent, we panic, "what does he want???!" Out? water? Food? Play?
He loves being home in his big bed and has taken to sleeping across Drew's legs, until 6 when he finally pushes him out of bed and takes over his side. He has begun eating again,

 and I swear he has grown three inches in height in the last week.
In case you missed it, this is a video of another quiet Sunday afternoon on the porch all-gods-children-enjoy-magazines

As always I invite you to join us in remembering the small things to like throughout your week. Let me know in comments.
Please enjoy these fine folk also keeping it positive

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

orange scraps turn into stars

Thought I would share my car work with you.
As you might know, I am doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again this year. I learn so much by exploring one color each month.
This month is orange.
We were in Colorado when the color was announced. I asked what it would be so I could take those scraps but never found out, so luckily my friend Mary opened her orange scrap bin to me so I could do leaves and stars.
There is a large mix of tone and pattern. I may do a few more now that I'm home again.

It's coming on to Fall and Orange is the natural color of Fall.

I also worked a lot, while listening to another digital book, which was engaging, while traveling thru the heartland of the USA.
The Riesling Retribution: A Wine Country Mystery by [Crosby, Ellen]
 Each star takes a long time. Each segment is basted to paper patterns, then whip stitched together long tiny points protected. I had plenty of time to sew the ones already in progress, as well as make two orange ones from Mary's scraps.
More on stars next week.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Like Thursday # 54 Scenes from CO

I'm on the road, but here are a few images for I Like Thursday... more later on all the likes and adventures but for today...

I Like wildflowers in a mason jar. This was seen in a historical society of Arvada CO house built turn of last century.The women I met were just lovely and I may come work there when I move to CO. I used to work at the Archeology lab in Historic Annapolis. It's a passion of mine.

I liked visiting Wooden Spools quilt shop  in Englewood CO. They allowed Milo to chill while I looked at lovely fabric and books.
This shop also sells fabric from customers at a discount... must be new not washed. They also have a huge supply of older books, and since I was looking for one, 9-patch Piuzazz, I was able to find it here!
go ahead and shop Mama, I'll take a wee nap!
I Like old photos....
looks like a woman train!
I liked this terrific shop in Denver's Cherry Park
Show of Hands gift shop
Look at a small pic of their glass... shop is full of hand made colorful items including images of bears made from bottle caps!
The shop keeper told me about the area and allowed Milo to lie down while I shopped. Nice! I'll be back!

I liked our reflections- selfie  in this glass

I liked sitting on this open porch in white wicker chairs watching people walk by the Arvada Harvest festival
Aren't these solar lights awesome? 
 I'll do more photos later but it was a peaceful moment in the midst of worry and change.

We discovered Washington Park in Denver, and the homes around it. Oh if we only had 2 million to buy a home here! Look at this cool roof!!!!

A whole post on our two days at this Wonderful Park later!

I Liked finding a home and chewed my nails when we put in an offer...and started inspections
Milo's likes
I liked all the places we visited and meeting so many dogs... dang this brace! I wanted to play with all of them! Well maybe not the cranky older lab who snapped at my nose. Hey! I'm a baby!

This is a 5 month old black poodle girl I really REALLY wanted to play with!

She played poodle games, reached her paws up to touch me, you know the ones!

Dang the brace again, can't reach out to her, but I tried to bow.

Maybe one day...

I loved this image of two dogs waiting to walk... dog butts!

That's it but for one last sky photo showing the smoke we've been living with for the whole visit. It gives us a sore throat, cough and headache. Hope the rains come soon to the West and stop the rampant fires from the extreme heat and dry conditions this summer.

Climate change is real, and affected by human choices.

Please enjoy these other people's I Like posts and consider writing one yourself! Let me know and I'll add you in next time!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Giveaway! Books!

I'm going off grid for a bit. I have some things to do and need a break.

I wanted to make this a time for a giveaway! There will be two packages.

I am sorry to say, I might have to keep it in the US this time, so I can send these heavy books by book rate.
Mail has become very expensive. I'd love to send them anywhere but....

The first group is four quilting books.
The second group isat least three knitting books.
To win, you must entertain me. Make me laugh for instance.

Or... tell me what  board games you enjoyed and why,  while growing up.
Or both.

I'll give people time to enter, then choose one. Or let Milo do it since he has very little to do right now.

I love the connections we've formed through this blog... thank you for all the fun!